Inherent Sustainability

Jandris CMU’s – An Inherently Sustainable Building Material

Structures built with Jandris Concrete Masonry Units have a series of inherently sustainable attributes. In addition to these attributes, Jandris Sustainablock Series contains recycled SCM’s and recycled aggregates.



The longevity and low-maintenance of Jandris concrete masonry products is unmatchable.

  • Resistant to rotting and warping, requiring less replacement and maintenance.
  • Non-combustible, and will remain structurally sound in the unfortunate event of fire.
  • Vermin and insect resistant.
  • Impervious to damages from UV Light.
  • Because CMU’s can be used as an interior and/or exterior finish material, paints and coatings are not needed.


70% of our aggregates are drawn within 10 miles of the plant.
Most of the remaining 30% of raw materials are drawn from within 200 miles of the plant.


Concrete Masonry helps to reduce mold growth by not providing a food source.


The manufacturing of Jandris CMU’s produces no toxic by-products, pollutants or hazardous waste.


Due to the high acoustical performance of CMU’s, their use can help with noise control and eliminate the need for additional soundproofing.

High Thermal Mass = Energy Efficiency

Due to high thermal mass, the use of CMU’s can reduce heating and cooling loads, helping to minimize HVAC systems.

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