Hi-R Concrete Masonry Wall Systems

Hi-R is a unique Insulated Concrete Masonry System that creates a horizontal and vertical insulation barrier within the wall. Hi-R CMUs are available in almost any color with Smooth Face, Ground Face, Split Face*, Reflective Series, Spec-Finish textures, and Sustainablock Series.

How the System Works

The Hi-R design, improves thermal efficiency by incorporating a single core design with reduced cross webs. Hi-R simply eliminates, most of the path that heat loss takes in a regular block. The void created by the reduced cross webs is filled by an EPS Insert, which is installed at our factory. The Hi-R Insert further reduces heat loss by extending across both the head and bed joints of the wall.

*Split Face Hi-R is available in 10” and 12” only.

Hi-R Concrete Masonry Wall Systems
Hi-R Concrete Masonry Wall Systems

Thermal Properties for the Hi-R Wall System

Thermal Properties Table for the Hi-R Wall System

*Hi-R Wall System Only. **Hi-R Wall System, 1/2 inch Gypsum board on furring strips.
***Hi-R Wall System, 1/2 inch foil-backed gypsum board on furring strips.


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