Our Facility

A. Jandris & Sons, a family owned business established in 1920, saw it’s infancy during the Great Depression. Traditional values practiced out of necessity have evolved into present day resource conservation and efficiency. Our manufacturing plant has taken several steps to reduce oil, water, and energy consumption. All by-products and surplus concrete materials from our CMU production are recycled by local industries.


Air quality

We have improved our manufacturing facility air quality by installing a washable fabric duct system. This system clears dust and circulates air evenly thought-out the plant, resulting in the reduction of fossil fuels needed for heating.


Oil Reduction

Our curing kilns use the process of low temperature hydration and hydro-injection. This process utilizes the natural heat given off by the curing concrete, and has enabled us to cut our kiln fossil fuel consumption by approximately 50%. The excess heat generated in the CMU curing process is then circulated through the manufacturing plant, reducing the amount of oil used for heating, further cutting CO2 emissions.


Thermal Mass Cooling System

Cool air from the warehouse area is circulated throughout the manufacturing facility, acting as a substitute for air conditioning. The warehouse naturally remains cool during the summer due to the high thermal mass of the CMU structure and the CMU’s stored within.

Block Press

Portland Cement Reduction

As innovators in manufacturing, we have been able to reduce the amount of Portland cement powder used in CMU production.

Compaction Advantage – Compression and vibration performed during the manufacturing process increases the strength of the concrete, reducing the overall amount of Portland cement powder needed. Because of this process, Jandris CMU’s generally contain 40% less Portland cement than poured concrete construction.

SCM’s– The use of recycled Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM’s) has enabled us to replace the Portland cement content of our Sustainablock CMU’s by up to 50%.

Water Conservation

We use an advanced closed-loop water cooling system throughout our finishing facility. Within the system, concrete particles are separated and removed before water reuse.

29_Facility3Minimal Packaging and Reuse

We take our pallets off of the jobsite, repair and reuse them. Customers pay a deposit as incentive for return.

All plastic wrap used for safety during shipping is recyclable.

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