Jandris Architectural masonry units shall be installed in the wall consistent with the best masonry practices.

Always handle units with care using extra caution not to chip corners and edges. Install units in the wall, true, plumb and level taking care not to smear mortar on faces.

Leave extruded wet mortar joints set until semi-dry to the touch, then tool joints as specified. Let set again, then brush dry again being careful not to smear mortar. Be sure to cover the top of all walls everyday as not to allow moisture to get inside the wall.

Units can be cleaned using a variety of concrete masonry cleaners, using the safest cleaning techniques and adhering to the recommendations of the chemical manufacturer including thorough pre-soak and rinse down. Do not use harsh acids.

Always test cleaning procedure in an inconspicuous “test area” for proper approval.

If units are properly installed and cleaned, the results are esthetically pleasing and maintenance-free façades that will last for decades.


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