Ground Face CMU


Jandris Ground Face CMU are extremely durable, fire and mold resistant, and energy efficient due to high thermal mass. The characteristics of our locally sourced natural aggregates give Jandris Ground Face Blocks a unique and appealing aesthetic. The smooth ground face finish of these units works well in structures where a maintenance-free wall system is desired.

These units, available in normal weight and medium weight classifications (dependent upon color), can be used for interior and/or exterior applications as fully finished walls, banding courses, or combined with other concrete products.

Shapes and Sizes of Ground Face Block

Ground Face Blocks are available in various shapes and sizes.

  • Half Units and Half High Units
  • Bond Beams and Lintels – Used where reinforcing is needed.
  • Corners – One face and one end ground, used for exterior corners.
  • Multiple Faces – Used for a two-sided wall or wall cap.
  • Scores – Uniformity and aesthetic values can be added with one or multiple scoring.
  • Custom Shapes – Any feasible size and shape upon request.
  • Bevels – Used for window sills, wall bases, adjustment for wall size, etc.
  • Bullnose– These CMUs can have one or more rounded exterior corners with a radius of 1 inch.


Sustainablock Series – Many of our Ground Face colors are available with recycled content.

Insulation Inserts

Water Repellents

Factory Coatings – This protective coating brings out the brilliance of the ground natural aggregates and protects the CMU from the elements, as well as aiding in clean down.


  • All Hollow Load Bearing Units shall conform to ASTM C-90.
  • All Solid Load Bearing Units shall conform to ASTM C-145.
  • All Normal Weight aggregates shall conform to ASTM C-33.
  • All Light Weight aggregates shall conform to ASTM C-331.
  • All Portland Cements shall conform to ASTM C-150.

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