Acoustical CMU

Acoustical CMU


SOUNDBLOX® masonry units are attractive, economical, and efficient sound absorbing units with the same compressive strength as standard hollow CMU’s. Rugged and durable in construction, SOUNDBLOX® masonry units are an excellent choice for industrial settings, gymnasiums, mechanical equipment rooms and anywhere there is the potential for noise control problems.

SOUNDBLOX® derive their excellent sound absorption form a unique cavity-slot resonator construction. This is increased dramatically when units incorporate a metal septum (membrane or divider) and fibrous filler in the cavity are specified.

SOUNDBLOX® are available in Ground Face or Smooth Face.


SOUNDCELL®’s design innovation is your practical solution to effectively absorb problem noise, diffuse sound energy and more thoroughly capture flutter echo, standing waves and sound intensity annoyances.

SOUNDCELL® CMU’s are load-bearing with compressive strengths comparable to standard CMUs. Installed conventionally in stack bond with little or no added labor, the in-place cost of SOUNDCELL® is low by comparison to most other acoustical materials.


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