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Concrete Masonry For School Construction

HEY HEIDI – The Dear Abby of Concrete Masonry  

CEDAR asks what the benefits are for building schools with Concrete Masonry

Q: For our school project, the structure must be cost effective, resilient, durable, have interior walls with great STC ratings, and must contribute to LEED v4. Is Concrete Masonry Construction a good option? 

Construction for Economy, Durability And Resiliency




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Density & Concrete Masonry – performance variations

HEY HEIDI – The Dear Abby of Concrete Masonry  

ALBIE asks what the performance variations for different densities are, and if the compressive strength of concrete masonry is effected by density.

Q:  Is the compressive strength (PSI) of Concrete Masonry Units effected by density and what are the main performance variations associated with the different densities? 

Are Lightweights Better In the Envelope? 




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Stormwater Management alternatives for an over budget, over crowded site

HEY HEIDI – The Dear Abby of Concrete Masonry

SAM asks for alternatives to traditional methods for storm water management

Q: We have a project which is over budget and has limited space. Is it possible to eliminate catch basins and retention ponds if we use a Permeable Articulating Concrete Block (P-ACB) paving surface?                              

 – Stormwater Alternatives are a Must-have



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