What began in 1920 as Adolf Jandris’ demolition and salvage construction business grew as the second generation championed the company’s expansion with concrete brick production and home construction services. Now, with over 80 years of experience, the third generation cultivates the fourth with help from seasoned and valued employees to serve the needs of architects, contractors and landscape designers in New England.

1920 – The Beginning

Adolf Jandris and his wife, Rosa, emigrate from Austria to America. Adolf founds Jandris & Sons, a construction business focused on demolition and salvage. Soon after, customer requests initiate construction of small-scale commercial projects.


1940 – Early Stages

After construction overtakes demolition and salvage as the bulk of business, Jandris & Sons produces concrete masonry blocks called “Dunn Brick” in their garage. Due to local contractors’ increasing demand for Dunn Brick, Jandris & Sons becomes a full-time concrete brick and block production business.


1960 – The First Plant

The second Jandris generation updates their garage-based business operations by building the first concrete block production plant. The concrete masonry products of Jandris & Sons thrive in the market of the late sixties.


1969 – Improvements

An automated three-at-a-time concrete block production plant enables architectural concrete masonry product offerings such as colored Smooth Face, Split Face and Split Rib.


1991 – Ground Face Block

A 17,000 square foot grinding plant enables on-site production of “Ground Face by Jandris,” a popular architectural concrete masonry product.


1997 – New Technology

Jandris & Sons updates the original concrete block manufacturing plant (built in 1969) with cutting-edge technology in concrete products equipment.


2002 – Doubled Capabilities

Production capabilities double with a second concrete block production line equipped with the most modern manufacturing technologies. Jandris & Sons meets the demands of the 21st century with a reputation second to none in New England and beyond as a premier concrete masonry product manufacturer


2008 – Continuing Traditions

Jandris & Sons upholds a commitment to innovation in concrete masonry product manufacturing and unmatched service in the industry that started in 1920 and continues to meet the needs of architects, contractors and landscape designers in New England.

Adolf Jandris Family
Old Picture for Jandris site
Old Picture for Jandris site
Old Picture for Jandris site

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