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RELIABILITY – established in 1920

We are A. Jandris & Sons, a New England business that manufactures a complete line of concrete masonry products. With four generations of hard work, ingenuity and an eye to the future, we have become the New England leader in concrete masonry product manufacturing.

We are well known in the industry and are committed to quality, service, and sustainability. We are THE source of CMU’S for architects, contractors and landscape designers in New England.

Jandris Truck with Blocks loaded


Our 25-acre facility in Central Massachusetts includes a 17,000 square foot grinding plant, 7 acres of covered product storage and 2 cutting edge concrete block manufacturing plants.

The 500-mile radius surrounding our Central Massachusetts facility reaches most of New England, the New York Tri-State Area and parts of Pennsylvania. Our raw materials are sourced locally. 70% of our aggregates are drawn within 10 miles of the plant. The remaining 30% of raw materials are drawn from within 200 miles of the plant.

We are committed to sustainability in all aspects of production and operations. Our manufacturing plant has taken several steps to reduce oil, water, and energy consumption. Our manufacturing process produces no toxic by-products, pollutants or hazardous wastes. We are continually seeking new methods to reduce our impact on the environment.

Jandris Site Aerial View

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